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Advantages of buying a car from


Wide range of cars

The UAE is one of the largest car markets in the world and you will have access to a huge range of cars of various makes, models and configurations. Euro packages with enhanced heating are available. You will be able to find just the right car to suit your preferences and requirements.

Competitive prices

Car prices in the UAE can be competitive compared to other markets. This is due to the availability of a large number of cars, as well as the taxation and regulations in the country. Buying a car from the UAE can be cost effective.

Luxury and sports models

The UAE is a popular place to buy luxury and sports cars. You can find prestigious makes and models of cars that may be hard to find or expensive in other markets.

Low taxes and duties

UAE is famous for its low taxes and duties on cars. When you buy a car from the UAE, you can avoid the high tax rates that are present in many other countries. This can result in significant savings when purchasing a car.

Additional services

In addition to passenger cars, we deliver turnkey special vehicles. For calculation we require you to send us the vehicle configuration. We also have spare parts available to order. Leave a request to calculate the exact cost.

Procedure for buying a car from abroad


Vehicle selection

Describe as much as possible the exact equipment of the car you are looking for or send a link to the resource where the car with the description is located.


Calculate the cost of the car

Next, we calculate the delivery of the car from UAE and China. The exact cost will be known after making a deposit, as we bargain with the car dealer on the spot.


Car diagnostics, on request

Adam Auto takes care of all the work of complete car diagnostics. The experts we work with have over five years of car diagnostics experience, so you can be sure of a high level of quality work. We will take detailed photos and videos for you, so you can buy your car with confidence without getting off the couch.


Choosing the best delivery route

Adam Auto will then select the best and safest logistical route for the delivery of your vehicle.


Document preparation

We contract and prepare all documents with all customs files for the laboratory and FTEs


Car drop-off

Your car will be safely delivered to a drop-off point in Kazan / Moscow or other specified address.
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